Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Challenge

40 Laps on ten different routes at the Owl Tor (near Santa Maria, CA). This is approximately 1600 feet of climbing that overhangs a total of 650 feet, averaging about 12b/c in difficulty. (These will not be redpoints, I just have to do all the moves and hopefully all the clips.) The routes are:
  1. Power of Eating (11d)
  2. When the Sea Doesn’t Want You (12a)
  3. Anchor Punch (12a)
  4. Auto-Magic (12a)
  5. White Cougar (12b)
  6. Hell of the Upside-down Sinners (12b)
  7. The Natural (12c)
  8. The Old Pro Skill (12d)
  9. Chips Ahoy (12d)
  10. Old Shatterhand (12d)

The Obstacles:

  1. Left shoulder is injured. Kevin Brown has looked at it and recommended rotator cuff exercises.
  2. Heat. In June it’s often over 100 degrees at the Owl Tor.
  3. Time. A lap every 15 minute is ridiculously fast, but 40 laps will still take 10 hours at this rate.
  4. Skin, work, marriage, et. al.

The Old Pro Skill (12c)

The Power of Eating (11d)