Saturday, May 12, 2007

"Like Jogging to Work"

Elijah and Normal Guy worked on Atreyu, the variation that climbs Chips Ahoy to the jugs, then traverses right and finishes on strictly Ballroom. It's probably 13b or 13c. NG was complaining about the start on Chips, which you really have to get wired to have a chance on the variation, and Elijah told him "Hey, I hate jogging. The two finger section on Chips is like jogging to work." Watching Elijah on the finishing throw of Atreyu weight 197 was awesome (pic).

The Tor greeted us with great weather once again. My 20 laps went down pretty well on 15 minute intervals. (Laps: Power, Sea twice, Chips three times, ProSkill three times, Shatterhand three times, Cougar twice, Hell twice, Anchor twice, The Natural, AutoMagic.) I've learned a lot about the strategy of ordering the routes. Also, I've improved my diet so that cramping hasn't been too much of an issue. I added my estimated start times for the day of the challenge to my spreadsheet.

Many thanks to Elijah, Brian, and NG for putting up with my belaying requirements. Thanks to Brian and NG for the pics.

Me on The Old Pro Skill

Me starting Chips Ahoy

Me finishing Chips Ahoy

Elijah on the finishing moves of Atreyu (Strictly Ballroom)